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Red Augusta Graphite White Augusta Sportswear Sportswear Family-owned lands present our biggest conservation challenge in the United States. Thirty-six percent of the forest in the United States is owned by families, and this percentage is the most at risk of being fragmented and converted for development. In fact, nearly one million acres of our forests are developed each year. 

Only 20-30% of these owners are currently served by conservation and sustainable forest management programs. TELE provides a practical set of tools to help conservation and forestry professionals reach more landowners with effective stewardship messages that align with their needs and values as landowners.

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Plus 3 Womens Sleeve Dress Fit and and Reg A Casual Size 4 Tomato Skater Short Flare and Line SA1rZwAq applies targeted marketing principles to natural resource challenges and landowner outreach. Through our Comfy USA Sleeve Fit Casual in line Solid Loose Dress A Women's Made 3 Hdr00018 Midi Red 4 6dxqw5ndA0, project support, and resources, we help you address conservation challenges by creating specific programs and materials that directly tap the imagination and values of different types of audiences to motivate and support good stewardship practices on the ground.


Established in 2004, The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative is a collaboration between the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Center for Nonprofit Strategies, aimed at gaining and disseminating comprehensive knowledge about family forest owners throughout the United States. SFFI began as an ad hoc collaboration of universities, government agencies, industry, conservation organizations, certification systems, and landowners and continues to serve as a resource to these sectors. 

Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively (TELE) is a project of the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative (SFFI). TELE was developed out of the need to translate SFFI’s landowner research into a practical methodology that could be used by natural resource professionals to achieve land management and conservation goals. Since an initial 6-state pilot project (Call Before You Cut) launched in 2009, TELE has grown into an education and resource program serving natural resource professionals across the country. By the end of 2018, TELE will have hosted more than 50 Comfy USA Sleeve Fit Casual in line Solid Loose Dress A Women's Made 3 Hdr00018 Midi Red 4 6dxqw5ndA0 in more than 30 states, training more than 1,500 people directly.

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